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S.B. Business Privacy Policy

    * S.B. Business Solutions commitment to your Privacy

  1. S.B. Business Solutions is committed to protect your privacy while visiting us online. We understand your information is personal and we value your membership with us.
  2. This Privacy Policy covers how S.B. Business Solutions treats collected and received information.
  3. This Privacy Policy applies only to S.B. Business Solutions and not to other companies’ or organizations’ websites to which this company is linked.

    * Collection of Information

  1. There are two types of information collected by S.B Business Solutions namely anomymous and personal information. The anonymous information is the one which includes information about number of visitors viewing a certain page or surveys, wherein client’s personal details are not captured. On other hand, personal information includes information based on your own and/or your business name, address or other contact details. As a matter of fact, with the second type of information, we at S.B. Business Solutions can provide a more personalized experience and service to you.
  2. Importantly, the information collected from the client can be used for both promotional basis and an attempt to make your visits to our websites more rewarding.

   * Children
           Children must take their parents' permission before providing information to S.B. Business Solutions. If a child signs up to any promotion, survey or service it is expected they have received prior permission from their parents to do so and that all information provided to us will considered under parents' prior consent.

   * Confidentiality
           S.B. Business Solution limits access to your personal information to employees and companies who we believe reasonably needs access to it.

   * Changes to this Policy
         The company may update or change this policy. A notice will be posted on this website for 14 days after the change is made.