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SB Business Solutions offshore delivery model is flexible and the project manager, for specific customer requirements and in general will go to onsite for the understanding of the essential conditions of the project which in turn delegates the requirement in the form of refined project design specifications coordinator for the open sea, and after detailed analysis of the specification for project development work has started and the project status will be notified by the project manager on site, which then communicates to the client. Offshore outsourcing facilitates your company to expand your business operations to other parts of the globe where the company has not otherwise be able to expand due to various reasons, like no marketing support, no infrastructure, etc. Whereas with ' help of your trusted offshore outsourcing services provider you can concentrate on the competitive nature or quality business partners in countries where your company can not be that the physical presence for your products and services, this will add to the flexibility for your business company.

Since the reduction of the above stated point in the product development costs by offshore outsourcing effectively, this will also lead to reducing your company's employee recruitment initial cost, training them and other capital expenditures related as investment in Technical Infrastructure. Thus, offshore outsourcing also helps in terms of reduced capital expenditures and technology in search costs.

In case of application development after the completion of the development and testing of application system software will be delivered and implemented on-site client-side with the formation of the product.

In case of on-line application or development of the website, once completed the work, which will be tested and delivered online with the help of our associates secured data centers and continuing education both on-line will be provided from the center development offshore outsourcing or on-site with the help of our trainers.

So, we provide a mix of mix type on-site, off-site and offshore delivery model hybrid for our major customers.