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Corporate Identity Package

A complete package of identity in detail all aspects of your image, from the acceptable fonts and colors, thanks to all the logo variations for every possible means. A consistent identity and message is vital in creating a brand for the organization. Your corporate identity package will be your guide for your brand and how organizations should be submitted in any situation.

In a dynamic business environment, where several companies are trying new, low-risk options for the application, which are complex, mission-critical components to maintain financial, managerial, strategic or tactical consideration. Offshore outsourcing has become a corporate strategy that various organizations in the global market, has taken to improve their productivity and competitiveness effectively in various business verticals.

SB Business Solutions model is the key between two parties absorb the development of software products through offshore outsourcing. Communication model of offshore outsourcing includes communication through various communication channels such as email, online voice / video / text based chat, FTP, IP telephony, fax or phone and fax, etc.